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Suzhou Jingtong Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is a professional company of research and development and manufacture of steel composite metal plate production lines roll forming equipment 。 The company is located in the Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Golden Triangle intersection Fenhu Wujiang Economic Development Zone which has beautiful views and developed traffic. It takes just 30 minutes drive to Shanghai.The location is perfect and there is the Grand Canal to the west, Husuyuan high speed to the nouth. 
Since the foundation, the company upholds the purpose of people basis and pragmatic innovation, work with many outstanding universities to keep the company always be the lead in this industry. As an old saying goes like that Empty Sea , tolerance is a great. Jingtong develops step by step with young passion and sincere, focusing on the development of the industry trend and innovation, in order to develop the perfect production for the customers. 
Founding at 2002, Jingtong reformed the shareholding system in 2014 and floated on the stock market on 11th, November, 2014 with 10 years development (stock code:831340). It will take the Chance to bring the brand to the whole world with the development of technology innovation. The technology will let the dream come true, and the innovation will lead the future, and let the dream fly with ideas. 
Jingtong, going on with passion, will have unlimited innovation!