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Composite board production line JT-A7-H

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JT-7 type multifunctional composite unit

Technical introduction



Main technical performance of the composite unit --------------------------------3

Composite unit main part and function---------------------------------------------4

The materials and specifications of production---------------------------------------6

The debugging and the necessary production conditions --------------------------8

Template  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9

Product standards --------------------------------------------------------------------------10

Loading list --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------12

production Needed tools (customer)-------------------------- --------------------------13  

Figure 1: metal heat insulation laminboard compound unit layout ---------------14

Figure2: metal heat insulation laminboard compound unit foundation installation diagram -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15

Figure 3: metal heat insulation sandwich composite unit plate type map --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------16

The service description ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------17

Metal heat insulation laminboard compound unit is a new kind of building material used widely at home and abroad. It is the thin high strength materials (metal material) complex in the inner core material lighter two (or one) on the outer surface, forming a kind of high strength, light weight, good insulation effect, durable and beautiful appearance of new building materials.

Composite unit of advanced production technology, to gas, electric, machinery are combined into a whole, is special equipment for producing metal heat insulation sandwich board, with production of a variety of shape function.

The main technical performance of the composite unit:
Ⅰ Composite unit production speed, and the production line production speed is 0-4.05 M / min

The general production speed is 1.5 m / min -2.5 meters / minute, Continuous stepless speed regulation, frequency control, digital display.

Ⅱ Metering pump rubber

Using the low velocity and high precision metering pump frequency conversion to control the glue quantity. Glue volume is0.1Kg/ -2 Kg/ since the beginning of continuous stepless adjustable, and it can display analog using epoxy glue, glue method.

Ⅲ The lifting frame adjustment range

The lifting frame is adjustable in the 20-250mmrange.

The technological process for production of composite unit

charge-in→indent→Epoxy→heat →Jack molding→bowing→Length setting→Cut (plate)→The curved roof→Core material cutting (optional)→Finished product output

Production profile:

See Figure 1 (machine contour map)

Composite installed capacity: 22kw

Ⅶ  Composite unit weighs about 20 tons

Ⅷ  The annual production capacity is about 600000 square meters

The composition and function of composite unit

A set of corrugated forming machine

1 Adouble corrugated forming machine. It has two version types lapped and cap. 

2  Steel cutting knife mechanism set, function for the plate in the end cut down

3 Steel plate discharging frame set, function is to feed with corrugated machine

Conveying system combination (01)

1. Three sets of glue, glue homogenizing device three sets;

2. A set of Jack edge milling device, which’s  functions is superfluous part milling to insert the convex head;

3. A set of steel cutting knife mechanism, and function is for the plate in the end cut down;

4.  Core pressing propelling mechanism set, adjustable in 20-250mm;

5.   A set of Guchi Matsuo mouth edge pressing mechanism ;

6.  A set of Reinforcement mechanism ;

7.  A set of The lower plate rectification device ;

8.  A lamp;

9.  Three sets of edge banding machine 

10. A set of heating pipe

11. A set of Conveyor belt 

Ⅲ Composite system combination (02)

1、The main frame is 8000*2200*2000

2、Using the main drive system, the upper and the lower wheel rack for two sets of 3KW synchronous motor;

3、 49 root diameter is Phi 180, rubber roller;

4、A set of Glue, glue homogenizing device set;

5、 A set of Glue pump assembly sleeve;

6、 A set of Reinforcement mechanism ;

7、 The skin of a steel cutting knife mechanism, function as the cut in the end of steel;

8、A set of Guchi Matsuo mouth edge pressing mechanism ;

9、Two sets the socket board notch forming mechanism ;

10、Five lamps; 

11 Two sets of the crimping device;

12、A escalator;

13、Five sets of Infrared electric heating device, which can be in relatively low temperature conditions, security composite unit output of high quality composite plate;

14、A set of general electric appliance box, using the contactor control, button operation, simple operation, convenient maintenance and maintenance;

15、Host drive and glue pump glue adopts frequency conversion speed regulating technology, make the speed of adjustment is more convenient and flexible。

16、Cleaning and dust collecting device, the host is provided with a wind machine, the production allocation in the process of cutting waste suction by a blower.

Cutting system combination (03)

1、Cutting machine adopts cutter knife pistol separate device.

2、 Cutter device consists of two sets, with a telescopic arm cutter.

3、 Gun knife device two sets, lifting.

4、Cutting frame set, used for sheet metal cutting products.

5、A cutting with a base .

6、 Two gun knifes, used for the foam jack plate cutting.

7、Two tablets of saw blade with diameter of 250 , rock wool board and corrugated board.

8、 The operation of the electric box a, used to set the cutting plate length, plate number, and the adjustment of the height of the knife rest.

9、 Pneumatic device and a composite unit in continuous production, requirements of the produced composite board accurately and intermittent cutting, therefore in the finished cutting machine adopts pneumatic control system, such as cutting pressing, machine in the extension, reset the use of pneumatic system to achieve automatic control.

10、There are two ways of cutting length control:

11、Manual mode: by pressing button mode to realize cutting, this method is suitable for the test and repair;

12、Automatic mode: using rotary encoder, 3 inch touch screen and PLC meter long, counting mode to realize cutting. The touch screen can be set six groups of different length, and loop. The cutting mechanism can be set according to the length of good length and the number of the order automatic continuous cutting.

Ⅴ Main conveyor frame

The main conveyor frame is mainly composed of a number of root conveying rollers, and its function is to composite plate has been cut off by the cutting mechanism of roller conveyor from output.

The auxiliary conveying frame, the production of long board, the use of auxiliary conveying framemain conveying frame output continuation of composite plate

Needed for the production of materials and specifications

Ⅰ  Metal plate

1 .Color steel plate: width of 1200 + 5; membrane aperture is Phi 600, Phi 500 two (if the other aperture, need other color clip); each volume is epoxy plate (positive for two coated two drying,back to two coating drying), surface paint by bending does not fall off .

2. other metal plate: referring to the color steel plate (coil diameter not more than1300mm)


Ⅱ. Core material

1. Foam core, adopting self extinguishing flame resistant type expandable polystyrene (EPS)board, oxygen index greater than 30, the remaining standard shall comply with the provisions of GB10801.

Expandable polystyrene (EPS) volume density of 16-18Kg/m3 (other materials should have sufficient surface density and roughness)

Length: single block length should be greater than3M, board should be flat, roughness should be less than 1.5mm/m

Width: socket board 1150 +1mm H board, roof panel 1200 +1mm

Allowed error: + 1mm/6m

Other requirements: each edge is not straight degree is less than or equal to1mm/m and less than or equal to the3mm/m. arc

Thickness: see table

2. Rock wool core material, the volume density of not less than 120Kg/m3 (other materials should have sufficient surface density and roughness)

Length: corrugated plate single length should be 950MM+1, socket board should be between 930or 1130, surface should be smooth, roughness should be less than 1mm/m

Width: single width should be between 80-100MM.

Other requirements: each edge is not straight degree is less than or equal to1mm/m

Thickness: see table

PU adhesive glue bond strength should be greater than 10N/cm - A group: the appearance ofyellow viscous homogeneous liquid viscosity: ND 0.4-0.7Pa.s UC240 B group: the appearance ofbrown viscous liquid viscosity of ND 0.4-0.6Pa.s A, group B ratio should be 1:1, glue should befree of impurities, between room temperature 15 DEG -30 DEG, foaming time should be within 20-40 seconds, the curing time should be within 50-70 seconds, oxygen index greater than 30.

The debugging and the necessary production conditions


Ⅰ Factory length: height: more than45000mm, more than6000mm, width: more than10000mm

ⅡThe power supply voltage of 380V, 220V, 5 wire system; production line the total load is larger than 35Kw, and according to the foundation drawing configuration good power supply andauxiliary power supply and lighting workshop.

Ⅲ The foundation -  Figure two (foundation drawing)

Hoisting and lifting weight 5000kg, hook from the ground is higher than or equal to 5500mm(single beam crane effective stroke is 16000mm, the rail center shall not deviate from theproduction line center + 10mm).

Ⅴ operators

The production process of compound unit is equipped with 12 operators, one of the mainoperators for 4-5 people.

Ⅳ Corollary equipment

The user must provide their own 0.4-0.6MPa7kg/min air compressor station, tracheal and right amount.

Ⅹ Required tools needed in the productive process

◎ See attached <needed for the production of single>

◎ See Figure three (plate diagram)


Product standards

The quality of the products according to the people's Republic of China building materials industry standard JC689-1998 <metal surface polystyrene sandwich board>.

ⅠThe product appearance

1、Board: board surface smooth, uniform color, no obvious bump, warping, deformation;

2、Surface: surface clean, no glue marks and dirt;

3、Defect: in addition to curling, edge pressing and cutting edge, surface no obvious scratch, touch bad etc.;

4、Cut: cut straight, without apparent rake angle, plate edge degumming with wave shaped, the panel should be inward package;

5、Core board: core board section should be neat, no large spalling, joint between blocks without obvious gap.

Ⅱ The allowable deviation of size

Ⅲ The bonding quality

1. Bond strength should be greater than 0.1Mpa.

2. Color steel plate and EPS plate bonded area of not less than 85%, and the uniform division,during peeling test EPS particles should be bonded on the plate area of not less than 80%, and the uniform division.

3. Edge without glue mark area shall be not less than 10%, the width of less than30mm.

4. Socket plate is inserted into the part of adhesive free area.

* The above parameters only for reference, combined with their own products customers must, self product standards for the record to the local quality inspection departments.

<Loading list>

<Needed for the production of single>

Figure 1 (machine contour map)

Figure 2 (foundation drawing)

Figure 3 (plate diagram)


After one year warranty the composite unit since commissioning, repair company long-term paidon unit.

The scope of warranty:

A variety of mechanical structure

A variety of mechanical transmission parts

All electric components (electric heating tube and lamp does not belong to the scope of warranty)

The use of the above components such as damage caused by improper, does not belong to the scope of warranty.

This technical note if there is any change without notice, the final interpretation of Jingtong promotions all.

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