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Convex strip machine JT-TZX-(50-100)

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Product Introduction: using OMRON counter to control the length precision, ensure the machining accuracy is controlled within1mm. In the part of design, processing equipment, process flow, the precision and stability, advanced aspects of equipment,  it has far to go in the industry ahead at present.   

Configuration: feeding system, molding system, end cutting device, computer control system. With simple unpowered feeding frame, a material receiving frame, it can produce steel strip thickness of 0.4-0.8 and width of50MM.
Application: hand plate on the side strip (Convex strip steel)
1  This machine is integrated into the design, manufacturing plant for many years of experience, the design concept and advanced processing technology
2  Using the numerical control processing equipment to ensure the roller size precision.
3 Owing to the reasonable design, accurate, and the high processing precision, the equipment is good in stability and high precision.
4  Hydraulic system is cut off, so the noise is small, and the length positioning is accurate.

5 The whole machine is automatic control, convenient operation with high efficiency.

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