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Manual board equipment (font shape)

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Suzhou Jintong machinery manufacturing CO.LTD., according to the domestic and international market demand, the cold roll forming machine multifunctional manual in the development of independent innovation, advanced design and technology, compact structure, stable transmission, accurate forming, high efficiency and good quality. The device can be replaced to achieve a variety of molding box molding plate, achieving the purpose of one machine with multifunction, which is the best choice for the enterprise to improve efficiency, reduce the cost, and to achieve sound and fast economic development. At present, the equipment has been declared national invention patents, with high content of science and technology, in the leading position in the domestic and foreign markets, has the very strong market competition ability.

ⅠVarious plate processing  can be achieved by replacing the molding box for various processing plate In a machine ;

Ⅱ By moving the distance of molding box, the effective range of arbitrary plate width  can be molded;

Ⅲ It has touch screen, programmable control, simple operation, convenient maintenance.

Folding scissors mechanism model is composed of programmable direct control of shear and bending motion. Low noise, shear break effect is good. At the same time, shear folding cutter with replaceable wear, grinding, effectively reducing the use cost.

ⅤThe machine structure is compact, compact and practical, the total installed power of small, low price than similar products of other manufacturers.

Performance parameters of the machine:

1 Production forming width: 500mm-1180mm

2 The feed plate thickness :0.4mm-0.8mm

3 The feed width:1200mm

4 Operation speed:10m/min

5 The total weight :about 10T

6 The length of the device :12m (host4m)

7 The total power :25KW

Plate type can be selected following the manual plate production

1 Bow shape hand plate

2 Socket type hand plate

3 Three female and one male mouth type hand plate

4 The four mother mouth type manual plate

5 Triangle edge hand plate

6 U type manual plate boundary

7 Other customized non-standard type


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