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Jingtong Plc. lands the “New Three Board”


There is the first “New Three Board” (an over-the-counter market for growth enterprises)

 listed company appears at Wujiang choi steel industry.

Known from the Suzhou Jingtong Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (Jingtong  Plc.), this company received “Securities Registration Certification” from Beijing Branch Company of China Securities Registration Co. Ltd. It has already received an official document about agreement of being the listed company at China Minor Enterprise Shares Transfer System, Which means the Jingtong Plc. lands the “New Three Board” officially. The stock code is 831340.

It is known that Jingtong Plc. is the fifth listed company at the “New Three Board” at Fenhu, and also is the fist listed company at the “New Three Board” at Wujiang choi steel industry. Jingtong Plc., which is located at Jinjiaba of Fenhu New and High-tech Zones, professionally researches and develops produce composite production line of choi steel, and complete equipment of metal plate cold bending forming. It is the new high-tech enterprise inJiangsuProvince.

This company’s productions of Multifunctional Cold Roll Forming Machine, Light Steel Keel Forming Machine and New Composite Production Line of Choi Steel are listed in the Suzhou Industry Technology PR programs. It always focuses on technology, and its production design ideas, functional configuration and the forming quality reach the advanced level ofChina, and better than Similar imported equipment.

Quoting at the “New Three Board” will lead the company to transformation and upgrade. Jiang Mingsheng, the president of Jingtong Plc., expresses that the success of quoting not only provide a financing platform for the company, and also promote the standard management of the company, and at the same time, enhance the brand image of company. 

Quoting at the “New Three Board” is just a new start. Jintong Plc. will accelerate the building of technology platform, upgrade the production and join in the competition of domestic and international markets with superior technology.